Israelis make anticonvirus virus mask


A food mask may sound ridiculous, but it is a necessity, even if worldwide quarantine is weak

New trend: Israelis make anticonvirus virus mask

Israeli scientists have developed a remote control mask against coronavirus that allows users to eat food without removing it. The device should make visiting a restaurant less risky. The company has already received a patent and plans to produce such masks as soon as possible. They will cost around $ 3.

The mask is designed according to the principle of bicycle brakes: a lever is attached on a wire, while exposing the user’s mouth, the mask opens. Speaking of ice cream or sauce, the process of absorbing food can be difficult, but solid food will not be a problem.

The mask opens manually or automatically when the plug goes near the mask. Then you can eat, drink, and when you take out the plug and the mask comes off, you will be safe from viruses and people sitting next to you, ”said Azaf Gitellis, vice president of the development company.

Such a mask may sound ridiculous, but it is a necessity despite the weakening of quarantine worldwide. The risk of coronovirus infection is very high, especially in public catering venues.

The reference PAYSPACE magazine

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