It became known how effective work at home is


Researchers have refuted the popular myth of home dysfunction

Office or office: A study has shown where employees work more efficiently

Remote employees are better involved in the work process than their colleagues in the office – they take 23% more action related to work responsibilities. This conclusion was made by scientists in the study of work from home.

As experts have found, leaders in out-of-office productivity are programmers, designers, and marketers: their participation is 41% higher than in office colleagues. An interesting fact is that even remote workers process more, working one hour a day than others.

80% of employees working in the office admit during the study that they will be more loyal if they can choose a location for work at least one to two days a week. One of them thinks of changing jobs and going to an employer who agrees with this format of work.

Transfer of personnel for remote work does not decrease efficiency, and in some situations doubles productivity.

Researchers also suggested that the global crisis caused by coronovirus infection would allow many employers to rethink the organization of work in the company and abandon very archaic processes. Such as exclusive work from office.

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