It became known how much Ukraine spent in the fight against COVID-19:


Millions of hryvnias go to medical equipment for emergency situations

It became known how much Ukraine spent in the fight against COVID-19: who would go to the money. Photo: Politics Information

Officials are actively preparing to increase the number of coronovirus patients. To fight infection, cheap medical equipment and supplies are not purchased.

Despite significant amounts, they are still not enough to fully enforce the government and the president’s move regarding the fight against COVID-19. It was written by Prime Minister Dennis Shimgal.

“About one billion in two weeks. Through Prozoro, state officials at all levels purchased essential goods for the fight against COVID-19 in the amount of 954 million hryvnia, ”writes Shyamal.

At the same time, the money went:

  • Medical devices: ventilators, pulse oximeters, patient monitors and the like – 190.15 million UAH;
  • Medical supplies – gloves, face masks, respirators, insulating suits, etc. – UAH 147.12 million;
  • Equipment for anesthesia and resuscitation – 116.04 million UAH.

“Varkhavanna Rada should support the budget in an emergency so that we can launch the fund COVID-19 and result in a sum of US $ 97.1 billion,” Shimgal said.

The Prime Minister also said that the Cabinet of Ministers supported the idea of ​​regional leaders with food sets and to centralize the purchase of equipment.

“We hope that by the end of the week the parliament will vote on the change in the budget, and the government will be able to create a special fund that will provide various revenues to the regions, especially for measures to deal with coronovirus in the sub-regions.” They said.

Summary PAYSPACE magazine

Recall that the government wants to change the state budget for 2020 keeping in mind the basic needs in an epidemic. Specifically, the head of government proposed raising the pension cost from 172.6 billion to 192.3 billion, the cost of repairing and constructing roads from 71.9 billion to 70.8 billion, and reducing the cost of economic development from 18 to 1 billion. 17.2 billion dollars.

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