It became known what is the internet speed in Ukraine


Soon 30 Mbps will not be enough for the needs of the average user

The Ministry of Statistics has received information on about 2 million measurements of Internet connection speed from more than 5 thousand Ukrainian settlements, with about 70% of Ukraine’s population (about 30 million) living. The information was obtained in collaboration with the French company nPerf.

The Ministry of Statistics also stated that there are no reliable figures on actual Internet coverage in terms of every settlement and technology for all years of independence in Ukraine.

It was unexpectedly discovered that the capital is not the fastest Internet – only 39 Mbit / s, while Konotop – at 76 Mbit / s. Weak internet is also in Chernihive, Charksey and Dnieper.

“The objective of the Ministry of Digital Development is to develop a modern and reliable network to reach the global network, which can be modernized with minimal cost. The development trends of the needs of content consumers indicate that soon 30 Mbit / s will not be enough to meet the needs of the average user, ”the ministry said.

The reference PAYSPACE magazine

Recall, according to the Ministry of Digital Transformation, 4G standard communication is available in 15,478 settlements in Ukraine as of May 1, 2020. This is more than half of the total.

But these are mainly large and medium-sized cities and towns, where 82% of the population lives. But in small towns, high-speed mobile Internet has not yet arrived. The Ministry of Finance believes that the deployment of a network of mobile operators in the 900 MHz band will help resolve this situation, which allows a base station to cover a much larger area than a higher range.

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