It became known who and how organized the Maidan: recognition of the former Prosecutor General of Ukraine



The former attorney general of Ukraine Viktor Shokin decided to confess during the “Visiting Dmitry Gordon” program that thanks to whom the Maidan took place. According to Shokin, on the Maidan, there was a group of people who controlled 4 main groups in the center of Kiev.

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This information was reported by “Komsomolskaya Pravda“, Returned to the Gordon program, reports” NPF “.

“Ukraine was brought to Maidan by a group of established people in order to take power. People have been used. For the Maidan leaders, qualified provocateurs were chosen. They were released on stage. People were used as shields when these terrible events happened, ”said Shokin at the very beginning.

After that, he said that people were controlled by those who stood on the stage. In general, he said, four groups were present: the first – the people of Saakashvili, the second – those who had experience in conducting colored revolutions. The third group is “Maidan’s combat team”, where Yarosh came from. In addition, Shokin says that as a fourth group, there was strong support from the West.

Finally, the former attorney general said that he was confident in American activities on the Maidan. He said that leadership had changed in America by then. According to him, what the Democrats have arranged has been taken over by the Republicans.

Unfortunately, Shokin did not disclose the names and surnames of those who ruled the Maidan, although he did say that these people were known to the investigation. However, he only said that Maidan was led by a group of people who divided responsibilities between 4 “Maydan groups”.

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