It costs a penny, but treats 13 diseases: all you need to know about a universal remedy



This remedy can be used to treat many different diseases.

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Menovazine is a universal remedy.
A universal remedy that will help get rid of many diseases. Photo:

The universal remedy menovazine is called. Menovazine is used as an external agent and is used in the treatment of the following conditions.

Varicose veins. To get rid of pain, swelling of the legs, a feeling of heaviness, this drug should be rubbed on the skin in a circular motion from the feet up.

Angina. For various throat diseases, menovazine should be lubricated with a sore spot and wrapped.

Runny nose. With a runny nose, menovazine runs down the nostrils.

Otitis. With otitis media, cotton swabs are impregnated with menovazine and inserted into the atrium.

Acne. Also impregnated with a tampon and applied to acne areas.

Insomnia. In case of insomnia, it is recommended to take a small amount of menovazine and rub the back of the neck. This will help you fall asleep without sleeping pills.

Hemorrhoids. With hemorrhoids, menovazine can also be used. The method is very effective, but not very pleasant. You should wrap the finger in gauze soaked in menovazine, put it in the anus and scroll several times. This procedure is repeated at least five times a day. As a result, this disease can be completely cured.

Articular pain. In order to relieve pain and get rid of salt deposits in the joints, you need to scrub these places with menovazine several times a day.

Herpes. Menovazin will also help to cope with lip herpes by applying a soaked tampon to the affected area.

Various pains. For pain from various pathologies, including heart, toothache or headache, you need to lubricate the area around the ear with menovazine twice a day.

Swelling of the legs. For swelling and fatigue of the legs, it is recommended to lubricate the heels and the notches under the knees with menovazine.

Radiculite. By lubricating the back of the head and legs along the sciatic nerve, pain from radiculitis can be greatly relieved.

Cold. With a cold, you need to rub your chest and back with the drug, after which it is necessary to wrap yourself well in bed. Enough 2-3 rastira.

Migraine. With migraine, it is necessary to rub the drug on the whiskey or on the patient’s forehead.

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