It is not known whether he is capable of ruling the country – Arestovich spoke of Zelensky’s psychological state



Political scientist Alexei Arestovich crushed Zelensky voters. I did not ignore the president himself.

Alexey Arestovich
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On your page in Facebook Arestovich noted that 13.5 million Ukrainians voted for Zelensky just a year ago in the second round of the presidential elections.

About it writes “MFN”.

There were different reasons for choosing Zelensky: someone believed him, someone wanted change and someone thought “if only Poroshenko”:

“A miracle promised us peace. A year has passed … More of our soldiers are killed in the Donbass than a year ago. We are one step away from recognizing terrorists and Russia has almost become a “mediator”. It is a hello to all the nationalists and the soldiers who voted for Ze. “

The president’s second “fakap” is his team. Above all, the head of the OPU, who dives into corruption scandals:

“Here, I salute the investigative journalists. We also had the promise to implant Svinarchuk and, therefore, major corruption scandals in the defense industry.

Or maybe a miracle did not have enough time? Maybe a year is not enough to do something? “

But here, Arestovich noted, it is necessary to look at what resources Zelensky had to keep his promises. One of them is a monobolshinst in parliament:

“Less than a year has passed, but the mono-majority has disappeared. And Ze, in a trembling voice, asks his deputies to vote for the necessary bills and to come generally to the Rada (and questions them via television).

For six months, we have already had a second government. The heads of the regional administration of the state in the regions designated by the same Ze have been dismissed and the regions are watched by oligarchs … Those whom he has promised to remove from power. “

And in addition to the coronavirus pandemic and the financial crisis, that’s all, notes the political scientist, who troubled the president:

“His lower jaw trembles and his throat dries up during a performance. His psychological state raises a question – is he even able to run the country? “

But, writes Arestovich, now he wants to look into the eyes of Zelensky voters and ask a few questions:

“Well, how are you?” Do you understand that it was you who wanted so many quick changes that turned out to be silly in this situation? I’m not offending you, I’m just saying a fact.

How do you like the dollar? How do you like the internal political defeat on the threshold of which we find ourselves? How do you like the Russian agents in power?

You will live this lesson on yourself – on your wallets and your lungs. But maybe after that, you will understand that a miracle can be hope, but it cannot be a tool.

A tool is long and consistent work that changes something. But you don’t like it. You thought the most cunning and chose an actor … But you only foiled yourself and reality. “

Recall that we wrote earlier that the “Servants of the People” rebelled against Zelensky.

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