It just makes my heart ache – activist “L / DNR” admitted to having made the APU with his comrades



The Donbass terrorist explained how his comrades carried out unsuccessful operations and died from the bombing of the APU. According to him, the leadership of the so-called “republics” is simply incompetent, and that is why so often his colleagues are under fire from the Ukrainian army.

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This information was reported by separatist Vladlen Tatarsky, whose message was published on one of Vkontakte’s social networks, reports NNN.

As we have learned, the situation of the defeat of the separatist reconnaissance detachment, which occurred on the arch of Svetlodar, is repeated regularly. However, according to the terrorist, it is not usual to talk about it.

“I inform the public that such cases are repeated frequently. Again killed 7 people in the Seventh Brigade. And it has been all over the front since the start of the year. Oh oh ** b. It just makes my heart ache, ”he wrote.

The shooter also said that it was difficult for him to watch these videos that soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine posted online. The very irritation of the Tatar is due to the fact that the leaders of the “DPR” and the “LPR” simply ignore these problems. He believes that they are simply given “to feed” the Ukrainian army, which regularly punishes them for provocations and aggressive special operations.

“I am afraid to imagine where such a wonderful army leadership will take us,” he wrote at the end.

Recall that tomorrow there will be everything – Shary is gathering a big gathering under the Zelensky Desk (video).



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