It may be the appearance of OnePlus Z


of Oneplus zHe admitted that in the end they called him that, they talked about him for several months: the Chinese company has long abandoned the strategy of “flagship killers” and, therefore, from the price range, which continues to belong to the so-called “middle ranges”. He could return with a full-fledged middle range, an opportunity that the CEO and co-founder also actually confirmed OneplusPete Lau, in an interview that we discussed in this article.

However, a few days ago, the first image of a possible design of the front of the smartphone also appeared, which finds some confirmation in the leak of the day: the alleged protective film of the device is displayed, from which then the image is generated, which you will find at the beginning of the article.

In fact, the film in question makes you think more about a dropper, rather than a hole in the center, as previously assumed. In rendering Oneplus z You can also notice a deeper optimization of the front panels, in the upper – the ear capsule.

Having said that there is a USB Type-C and power and volume buttons on the right side, no further details are provided on the front of the equipment. Hypothesis one remains Snapdragon 765 on board, but at the moment, at least from this point of view, he is groping in the dark.


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