It seems that Abrahamia is a “Cossack mistreated” Poroshenko-Birch



The former people’s deputy noted some oddities with the faction leader “Servant of the people” David Arahamia.

Borislav Bereza
Borislav Birch. Stock Photo –

Thus, according to Borislav Bereza, recently, David Arahamia has made increasingly “silly” declarations which discredit in one way or another the “servant of the people”.

About this writes “MFN”, referring to Telegram chain Birch trees.

“I increasingly think that Abrahamia is a poorly managed Poroshenko Cossack. And his main objective is to discredit the “servants” with his stupid statements and to show that they are morons. For the moment, Arahamia is doing very well with this role. Well, they couldn’t just knowingly take her to the party, because it’s like being shot in the foot … Or could they still be? “

Recall that we wrote earlier that the birch had criticized the changes to the state budget of Ukraine.

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