It was possible to agree on a certain amount – a resident of Lugansk spoke of the observation conditions in one of the “LPR” hospitals



A resident of occupied Lugansk told his story of being in an observatory in one of the hospitals of the so-called “LPR”.

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This is reported by the NPF, citing an independent publication DonPress

A resident of occupied Lugansk shared his story in the group “Sverdlovsk – you need to know”. The man said that after arriving from Russia in occupied Lugansk, he and everyone else on the same bus with him were sent for a 14-day observation.

According to the man, he and three other people were placed in a twin bedroom in very poor conditions. The room was cold and there was no hot water.

“The conditions of detention are obscure. An empty old room without hot water, ”wrote a resident of Lugansk.

In addition, according to observing men, no one has tested the coronavirus. According to him, the health workers did not even take equipment for their analysis. The only thing the doctors did was measure the body temperature each morning.

The man writes that for the second week of staying with two people, their body temperature increased, and they were sent to the “boxes”. They later confirmed the coronavirus, but he and others who had come into contact with a sick coronavirus on the bus were not tested.

“They let us go home. Analyzes without taking. Maybe we are also infected? Nobody cares, ”writes the man.

A resident of Lugansk also complained that the hospital was very malnourished, but for the money it was possible to agree on the best food.

“It was impossible to get out of the hospital. At the entrance are warriors and do not leave. The only way, at least in one way or another, to bite was to go with honey for a certain amount. an employee. After all, everyone needs money, and they should eat … This is such a concern for citizens, “wrote a resident of Lugansk.

Earlier, we reported that the doctor from one of the “LPR” hospitals had mentioned the situation of the coronavirus in the “republic”.

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