It was that period – Klimkin said that Putin could attack Ukraine again



Former Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin fears that after a All-Russian referendum on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, scheduled for July 1, the Kremlin may not start a new cycle of aggression against Ukraine .

Pavel Klimkin
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This is reported by the NPF, referring to OBOZREVATEL.

The politician noted that in recent years many problems have accumulated in Russia. According to the diplomat, this is a drop in oil prices, the number of patients with coronavirus in the country and the victory parade, which had to be postponed, as well as economic problems. Klimkin also noted that Putin’s rating in Russia continues to drop.

The diplomat fears that all these problems will force the Russian leader to start a new cycle of aggression against Ukraine.

Klimkin believes that the fear of a military aggression on the part of the Kremlin is worth it after a vote on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation in Russia. As you know, the referendum in the Kremlin was scheduled for June 1.

“I don’t want to scare anyone, but I think this particular period – towards the beginning of next year – will be difficult in terms of challenges,” said the diplomat.

Earlier, we reported that Lavrov was indignant at Ukraine’s new position in the Donbas.



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