It was the same during the annexation of Crimea – Ahtem Chiygoz about the taking of the Ivan Gonchar museum



According to the people’s deputy, in 2014, in Crimea, the Russian security forces broke into government buildings in the same way, without any documents or permits.

Ahtem Chiygoz
Ahtem Chiygoz. Photos – Ahtem Chiygoz

It is reported by the “NPF” referring to “Straight ahead“.

“In order to stifle freedom and democracy in the Crimea, they have collected“ dogs ”without conscience, honor and dignity. It reminds a lot of 2014 on the peninsula. What the police, the State Security Bureau, the Security Service of Ukraine are doing now, all this mess is the beginning of Russia in the Crimea. “

At the same time, added Chiygoz, Ukraine is not Russia and the Ukrainians will not tolerate such anarchy here.

Recall that we wrote earlier that the representatives of the GDB forced their way into the museum. Ivan Gonchar.



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