It will be a complete fiasco for Kozak – an ORDLO information resource has announced what events the Kremlin fears in Ukraine



The Kremlin fears that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky will dismiss the president’s office chief Andrei Yermak after a scandal with his brother. The news source “Lugansk insider” writes that the resignation of Andrei Yermak will cancel all agreements in the Donbass between the deputy presidential administration of the Russian Federation Dmitry Kozak and Andrei Yermak.

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This was reported by the portal DonPress, referring to the information resource “Lugansk insider”, reports the NPF.

“Lugansk insider” writes that the Kremlin is concerned about the events unfolding around the head of the office of the President of Ukraine and his brother. After all, Andrei Yermak may resign. Dmitry Kozak understands that the dismissal of Andrei Yermak will put an end to all negotiations in the Donbass. “Lugansk’s insider” writes that “Russia has made concessions to Ukraine and personally to Mr. Yermak”.

“If Yermak is fired, it will be a failure, progress can be forgotten. For Dmitry Kozak, it will be a complete fiasco in the Ukrainian sense, ”reports Lugansk Insider.

According to the resource, if Andrei Yermak resigns at the head of the PO, then Mr. Kozak “will have to change tactics and strategy in the Donbass”. The news source noted that the Kremlin hopes that the events unfolding around Yermak will not lead to his resignation.

We previously reported that historian Klimovsky had revealed the name of Putin’s likely successor.



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