It will not be enough for 5 years: the deputy head of the OPU Sergey Trofimov estimates that Zelensky will run for a second term



Sergey Trofimov said that to fulfill all the campaign promises, Vladimir Zelensky would not be enough for 5 years. Therefore, he may run for president again.

Sergey Trofimov
Sergey Trofimov. Photo –

Trofimov spoke about it in an interview with the publication “Gordon“Write” MFN. “

“This is just my personal opinion … I think Zelensky will not be limited to one term. I think there should be a continuation of the pace. Simply because 5 years is not enough to change something. “

At the same time, Trofimov stressed that this was only his opinion and that he did not discuss this subject with the president:

“I don’t decide for the president what and how to do it. Four years ago, it was not enough to do something, to change something, to draw conclusions. The main word remains with Zelensky. “

Recall that we wrote earlier that Sergey Trofimov could become the new head of the OPU.

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