It’s boiling – residents of Donetsk busy on social media have admitted that they are oppressed in the “DPR”



Donetsk residents temporarily busy on social media write that they now live in a “cage”. Donetsk residents complain that in the so-called “DPR” they do not have access to civilization benefits such as the airport and rail transportation.

Ordlo residents
Residents of Ordlo. Photo –

This was reported by the portal Donpressreferring to social networks, reports MFN.

Residents of Donetsk temporarily occupied on social networks are scandalized by the lack of any progress in the “RDP”. People write that the basic benefits of civilization are not available to them.

“There is no banking system. The simple benefits of civilization, like an airport, a train. transport, inaccessible to us ”, write the inhabitants of Donetsk in public.

“There are not even normal terminals,” add users of social networks.

Other commentators note that the “DPR” has very low wages and pensions.

“It is already the seventh year, and there is no progress in the” republic “”, write the inhabitants of Donetsk.

The inhabitants of occupied Donetsk have not forgotten the war.

“The bombing doesn’t stop. Only daily reports from the front, “writes Donetsk.

In addition, residents of Ordlo are not satisfied with the closed KPVV and the lack of opportunity to leave for the Russian Federation. People write that they feel “locked in a cage”.

In addition to all this, the residents of the “DPR” are very depressed by the curfew. People write that they have been on this diet for six years. One of the locals writes:

“Boiling !!! No country in the world has 6 years of curfew.”

Recall that on May 28, ORDLO information sources reported on the “balance sheet of the republic”. Resources reminded Ordlo residents that they have been living under a curfew for six years.

Earlier, we reported that Peskov had reacted to the preparation of a military parade in the “DPR”.



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