It’s not scary to be wrong: Zelensky supported the teachers of the Pan-Ukrainian school online



President Vladimir Zelensky expressed support for teachers participating in the All-Ukrainian School Online project.

He said it in a video message.

“Besides, I want to support our teachers of the All-Ukrainian School Online project. You are good friends! You overcame the fear of television cameras and became teachers for the whole of Ukraine in no time. Millions of parents and school children are grateful to have access to knowledge. It is not scary to make mistakes. “All my life I cannot create anything but wastewater. It is frightening – it is not to be a person and to assert oneself by humiliating others “, underlined the head of state.

He added that he had said this “to all the enemies who consider it a sacred duty to write unpleasant things to Ukrainian teachers.

According to the president, every day the teachers of the project create almost 15 hours of cognitive educational content for Ukrainian students, their lessons gain millions of views on television and on the Internet.

“They are people with a capital letter who do not work for reasons of money or glory, but for the call of the heart. The haters also work for the call of the heart, only the call of this heart is d “to insult, to humiliate, to destroy. But they are a minority. And I am very happy that in our country, most people care about it,” said Zelensky.

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As Ukrinform reported, on April 6, the All-Ukrainian School Online project was launched, in which video lessons on 11 subjects for students in grades 5 to 11 are published. Teleuroques has broadcast 12 television channels and Megogo Media Service. Students will also be able to watch these lessons on Facebook and YouTube.

At the same time, for a number of errors made by teachers during video tutorials, the project was criticized by users of social networks.

The Ministry of Education and Science explained the release of a number of video lessons with errors due to lack of time for verification by an expert in the production process.


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