It’s scary to think – Shenderovich said he could force the Russian Federation to return Crimea to Ukraine



For Russia, the return of Crimea to Ukraine amounts to surrender. This is what the famous Russian writer and journalist Viktor Shenderovich says. But nevertheless, according to the writer, there are conditions that could force the Kremlin to return the annexed peninsula to Ukraine.

Viktor Shenderovich
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Viktor Shenderovich shared his opinion in an interview with the people’s deputy of “European Solidarity” Alexey Goncharenko, according to the MFN, referring to Youtube channel Goncharenko.

MP Aleksey Goncharenko underlined that for Ukraine the question of the return of the annexed peninsula of Crimea did not back down in substance, he therefore asked Viktor Shenderovich how he saw the process of return of Crimea to Ukraine. To which Shenderovich replied that in order for Russia to return to the Crimea, it means surrender voluntarily.

“Imagine that Russia turns the Crimea over, under any rule, I dare say this – the signing of a surrender agreement. There must be a situation very close to surrender, “said the famous Russian writer.

According to Shenderovich, only strong economic and political upheavals can force Russia to return Crimea to the jurisdiction of Ukraine.

“It is frightening to think about what should be possible for this to happen,” said the reporter.

At the same time, Shenderovich stressed that the person who will be in power in the Russian Federation and who decides to take such a measure will not be popular in the country. According to him, for decades, the Russians have been talking about how Russia is a strong country and how everyone is afraid of it.

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