It’s something new – Russians on social media criticized Putin’s next call



Russian President Vladimir Putin has launched a new appeal to Russian citizens about the coronavirus pandemic. The call of the head of the Russian Federation very surprised the Russians, because he compared the coronavirus with the attack of the Pechenegs and the Polovtsians.

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This is reported by the NPF, referring to “The Liberal leader.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the citizens of the Russian Federation about the kronavirus pan-virus. This time the call from the head of the Kremlin surprised the Russians and sparked a lively discussion on social media.

Addressing the citizens of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin said that the Russian Federation has already passed many tests. According to him, “the country had to survive the attack of the Pechenegs and the Polovtsians”.

“And the Petchenegs tormented our country and the Polovtsy”, explained Russia to everyone. We will defeat this coronavirus infection, ”said Putin.

It was precisely these words that surprised the citizens of the Russian Federation.

“And this is something new.”

“Finally, the Russians have received real support in the current situation – proud of their victories against the Pechenegs and the Polovets ten centuries ago.”

“Whoever had Petchenegs and Polovtsians in his family got credits.”

“He will defeat the Petchenegs and the Polovtsians. Soon the dinosaurs will leave, ”write the Russians on social media.

In addition to all this, the President of the Russian Federation called on the Russians to “stay at home”.

Earlier, we reported that Kadyrov had made new independent decisions to fight the coronavirus.

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