Ivan Urgant’s daughter has published new photos with her boyfriend: “My 90s lover”



Erica Kutalia with boyfriend Moses

The personal life of stepdaughter Ivan Urgant, the daughter of his wife Natalya Kiknadze from his first marriage, has again become the subject of discussion on the network. Erica Kutalia, 19, lives and studies in the United States – studies contemporary art and photography at Parsons School. The girl talks about her on Instagram, where for several months Moses’ boyfriend has remained the unchanging hero of his photos. Today, the couple published a series of frames made in self-isolation on the social network.

Erica Kutalia with boyfriend Moses

Erica and Moses took some selfies on the apartment beds, where they probably spend a lot of time, as New York authorities are urging citizens to stay home because of the coronavirus. Too much sexual tension, one of Eric’s supporters commented on the images.

Another social media user compared Moses in the photo with the 1990 film hero, and Erica liked the comparison.

My 90s lover

She answered.

The novel of the daughter of the Russian TV presenter, and Ivan Urgant treats Erica as his own daughter, caused not only the curiosity of the network, but also a wave of negativity. In December, Russian-speaking enemies attacked a couple with racist comments, forcing them to retaliate.

After this attack, the lovers did not stop openly expressing their feelings on the network – they continued to declare themselves in love on Instagram.

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