Jake Gyllenhaal admitted in an interview that he wanted to start a family and become a father: “You have to be open to that”



Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal, 39, hides her personal life from the press and fans – the actor rarely talks about her in an interview and avoids secular media. At different times, the media have reported on his novels with Kirsten Dunst, Reese Witherspoon, Taylor Swift, Alyssa Miller … Now, according to rare paparazzi shots, the movie star continues his relations with the French model Jeanne Cadier, but the couple don’t comment on them. Vogue magazine has managed to talk about Jake on personal matters and to recognize that with age, personal life becomes more important to him than a professional.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Working on theater and film projects has always occupied Gyllenhaal a hundred percent: he has repeatedly said that he takes her very seriously. Yes, it is very important to me, but now I am more interested in my life than at work. In my career, there was a time when I felt other needs. I saw that I was sacrificing a lot for work. Realized that life is very fleeting. I turned to my family, my friends, to love – it interests me a lot more now than work, ”admitted Jake.

At the age of forty, the actor seems to have matured to create a family, so when asked about the children, he replied that he wanted to become a father. Yes of course. I really want to. I think that’s why I slowed down. “I am not the person who always knows what will happen next in his life, but you must be open to it,” he said.

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