Jane Goodall: “A new life seems to be difficult for Prince Harry”



Jane Goodall:

Jane Goodall / Prince Harry

Prince Harry, 35, who at the start of this year with his wife Meghan Markle, 38, decided to radically change his life and resigned from his royal powers, until he could get used to it to new realities. Like 88-year-old environmental conservator Jane Goodall, who has friendly relationships with him, said the duke found it “a little complicated” after moving to North America.

She said she spoke to Prince Harry after he decided to resign from his royal powers.

I do not know how his career will develop. But we were in contact with him. It seems to me that now he finds his life a little complicated,

She said in an interview with Times radio.

Jane Goodall:

Prince Harry and Jane Goodall On March 31, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, with their son Archie, who will soon be one year old, moved from Canada to Los Angeles, where they are isolated and do not leave their homes.

Despite all the uncertainty associated with events around the world, they look positively to the future. It’s very important for them to mark the end of the transition period and the official start of their new chapter,

– insiders said.

Goodall also expressed the opinion that now the Duke is likely to stop the hunt, as he did with his older brother, Prince William.

I think Harry won’t do that anymore, because Megan doesn’t like to hunt. I think for him in this sense it’s over,

She added.

Jane Goodall:

Earlier, Jane, who visited the Dukes of Sussex in their former residence at Frogmore Cottage last summer, said that Harry had alluded to relinquishing his royal powers a few months before his public statement. In an interview with the Daily Mail’s Weekend, she spoke of the Duke’s eloquent comment on her son’s education during their conversation. At the end of the conversation, Megan came to see us with Archie. He was very small and very sleepy and not too happy that his mother disturbed him,

She remembered and shared how she had taught him to greet the Queen. I think he will have to learn it,

Then she said to Harry.

To which the duke then replied that it was unlikely to happen.

No, it will grow differently

He said.

Jane Goodall:

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry with their son Archie

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