Japan to Provide Ukraine with Antiviral Drug Effective in the Treatment of COVID-19



Japan to Provide Ukraine with Antiviral Drug Effective in the Treatment of COVID-19

Japan will give the drug Avigan, which has already proven to be effective against a new type of flu and may be effective in the treatment of COVID-19, to Ukraine free of charge.

This was reported by the Japanese newspaper “Yomiuri” with reference to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Toshimitsu Motegi. The publication adds that the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs made a decision on April 7 to supply the drug to 20 countries, including Ukraine, through the United Nations.

In an exclusive comment to Ukrinform, the Japanese ambassador to Ukraine, Takashi Kurai, said that Avigan is a recognized drug for the treatment of a new type of flu, but that its effectiveness in the treatment of infection with COVID-19 coronavirus has not yet been confirmed, clinical trials are underway.

“Many countries are expressing interest in him, as it has been reported a decrease in viral load resulting from the use of the drug and an improvement in symptoms in patients,” said the ambassador. According to him, Japan has decided to increase the number of clinical studies of Avigan by providing it free of charge to other countries.

As Takashi Kurai explained, the transfer of medicines will be done through the United Nations Office for Project Services.

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He also stressed that Japan is paying great attention to the development and testing of drugs for COVID-19 and intends to strengthen international cooperation with government and private institutions to overcome the infection.

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As indicated, in the morning of Tuesday, April 7, in Ukraine, 1462 cases of coronavirus infection were recorded, 45 people died, 28 patients recovered.

More than 1.36 million cases of COVID-19 infection have been recorded worldwide, of which more than 76,000 people have died, more than 293,000 have recovered.

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