Journalist beaten by “majors” after complaint to police over quarantine violation



A journalist beaten

Journalist beaten by “majors” after complaint to police over quarantine violation

02/05.2020 21:33


The National Union of Journalists calls on police to respond to the May 1 beating in Kharkov of a journalist reporting a quarantine violation and reported to the police.

This was announced by NSJU president Sergey Tomilenko on Facebook.

“In Kharkov, on the night of May 1, a cybersecurity journalist and specialist, Nikita Knysh, was beaten. … According to Nikita, he decided to record a violation of quarantine conditions – hectic nightlife in a parking near Nauchnaya metro station, where he likes “golden youth”.

The video shows that Nikita Knysh presents herself as a journalist and asks the young people a question about their violation of their quarantine. Someone apologizes for refusing to answer or insult the journalist, “wrote Tomilenko.

The NSJU president noted that after he shot the plot, Knysh called the police on the scene to respond to the violations. However, the patrols that arrived did not take any preventive action and the reporter who called them was informed that there was no reason to influence the citizens in the parking lot.

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As Tomilenko noted, “the video posted by Knysh on his page recorded a long conversation between the reporter and the patrolmen, where he convinced him of the need for a response, and law enforcement officials refused because the government quarantine order is a recommendation, not a requirement. “

Finally, the patrolmen left the resting place for the young people of Kharkov.

According to the journalist, a few seconds after the police left, he was attacked and brutally beaten. The attackers stole a phone and a backpack with a laptop and personal belongings.

On the incident, Knysh called the police for investigative and operational actions and went to the hospital to recover the beatings.

In addition, the victim posted a video fragment of a surveillance camera, which recorded his beatings, and an attacker, who took the backpack. He threw the phone on the road.

“The National Union of Journalists of Ukraine condemns the beating of a journalist who covered a socially important subject of violation of anti-epidemic requirements established by the state, and calls on the national police to respond adequately to the incident, “said Tomilenko.

According to him, the situation of attacks on journalists during the epidemic is scandalous.

“The local police should have assessed the risks to the journalist, not to mention the response to the blatant violation of the quarantine,” said the NSJU president. “But in general, the situation of physical attacks on journalists during the epidemic is scandalous and has no comparison with the situation in other European countries.”

Tomilenko recalled that since the announcement of the quarantine in Ukraine, beatings of journalists, mainly television crews, have been recorded in the regions of Kiev, Lviv and Khmelnitsky.

As reported, since March 12, the government has introduced quarantine in Ukraine to combat the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus infection. Now the quarantine in Ukraine has been extended until May 11, 2020.

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