Journalist Denis Kazansky to participate in TKG negotiations in Minsk



Kazan immediately warned that this was a normal negotiating format, not the Advisory Council they had previously planned to create.

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It is reported by the “NPF” referring to Facebook Denis Kazan.

The blogger and journalist indicated that he is now a full participant of the TKG in Minsk, where Ukraine, Russia and the OSCE will negotiate the Donbass:

“I want to say to everyone right away: it was not the Advisory Council that was planned before. This idea has been completely abandoned.

According to the Minsk agreements (paragraph 11 and paragraph 12), electoral questions in the temporarily occupied territory, as well as the special status of Donbass, must be discussed with the inhabitants of Ordlo. You can connect these dots in different ways, but Ukraine has already signed them. “

At the same time, Kazansky notes that, in these paragraphs, nothing indicates exactly who can represent these regions distinct from the regions of Donetsk and Lugansk, and the pseudo-republics “L / DPR” are not explained in the document:

“In other words, no document would oblige Ukraine to discuss these questions precisely with representatives of the pseudo-republics.”

The journalist also added that for many years, instead of residents of the occupied territories, the citizens of the Russian Federation, Deiniy and Nikonorov, were in talks. No one elected them and why they think they could be representatives of Donbass is unclear:

“But the migrants who were forced to leave the occupied territories never participated in the negotiations to decide the fate of their native land. But now the situation is changing and those who were forced to leave the Donbass in 2014 due to threats and persecution. In particular, it is about me. “We have no less the right to represent the occupied territories and contrary to the militants of Ordlo, we are not criminals”.

The blogger added that at the TKG, they would not agree on anything with the pro-Russian terrorists. Their objective is to advise the delegation of Ukraine on the points that our party undertook to discuss when signing the Minsk agreements:

“I will say right away: we are against the special status of Donbas enshrined in the Ukrainian Constitution. Elections to the ORDLO can only take place on the condition of the withdrawal of foreign troops, the resumption of control of the border and the conduct of voting under Ukrainian law with Ukrainian journalists, Ukrainian television, Ukrainian political forces and immigrants. ”

We will recall earlier that Kazan commented on the important decision taken by the “L / DPR authorities”.



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