Judges of the liquidation courts of appeal do not exercise power but receive a salary



Judges of the liquidation courts of appeal do not exercise power but receive a salary

Now in the appeals courts being liquidated, 17 judges continue to receive salaries without exercising their powers.

This was stated by the president of the state judicial administration Zenov Kholodnyuk during a report at a meeting of the High Council of Justice on Thursday, which was broadcast on the GRP YouTube channel, reports a correspondent from Ukrinform.

“As of January 1, 2020, 18 judges continued to receive judicial remuneration in the liquidated courts of appeal, but did not exercise their powers. There were also 67 staff members of the liquidated courts of appeal who were on social leave and had not been transferred to the newly formed courts. Today, 17 judges and 47 workers of the device are still on the staff of the courts of appeal, which are being liquidated, “said Kholodnyuk.

He appealed to the VSP to ask it to resolve the question of the transfer of the judges to the new courts of appeal.

“I urge you to resolve the problem of transferring these judges to the newly created courts, as they receive judicial compensation, which results in the expenditure of budgetary funds, which the justice system is sorely lacking today,” said Kholodnyuk.

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The chairman of the GSAU noted that in 2019, the liquidation commissions of the courts of appeal set up by the GSAU continued the liquidation procedure provided for by Ukrainian legislation.

Thus, according to Kholodnyuk, at the end of 2019, 7 courts of appeal have completed the liquidation process, 15 courts of appeal are in the final phase of liquidation and 18 courts of appeal will not be able to complete the liquidation due to personnel problems, the need to complete the transfer of real estate and movable property, contractual obligations for repair work, reconstruction of premises, etc.

Kholodnyuk noted that to date, 4 other courts of appeal have completed liquidation proceedings.

Thus, he noted, a total of 11 courts of appeal have completely completed the liquidation process.

As indicated, by decree of the fifth president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko of December 29, 2017 No. 452/2017 “On the liquidation of the courts of appeal and the formation of courts of appeal in the appeal districts”, 26 courts have been established.

In addition, two other decrees (No. 454/2017 and No. 455/2017) created economic courts of appeal in the appeal districts and administrative courts of appeal in the appeal districts.

As of October 3, 2018, the newly constituted courts of appeal began procedural activities.

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