Julia Vysotskaya admitted that in self-isolation, she is panicking and afraid: “It is impossible to sleep”



Julia Vysotskaya

Forced isolation is difficult to bear, despite online entertainment and diligent attempts to make lemonade from lemon. Many stars of Russian show business share stories about their daily lives at home every day, most often leaving behind fears and negative emotions. Yulia Vysotskaya in the recent release of her YouTube show “I Like It!” departs somewhat from this tacit rule of optimists. There are times when panic and fear take hold. Because there is such uncertainty around. Very sad and sad, it is impossible to sleep, no cooking experience and no gathering on Zoom with friends is already pleasant. Sometimes you try to activate a sense of humor and exchange funny pictures about Natasha and the cats and jokes about how we are going to get out of quarantine with the girlfriends, she said.

Julia Vysotskaya

With her husband Andrei Konchalovsky, Julia spends all her time in the house of Nikolina Gora, whom she showed in her own online show. The TV presenter showed a collection of summer dresses to mentally get closer to when she could go out somewhere.

In mid-May, I was never afraid of having to go out in a few weeks in summer dress or shorts. I, like everyone else, have improved, even if I play sports, I take a break, but the metabolism still does not work as it did in the active phase of life. Therefore, I found such an incentive – I have to put on my house what I plan to get out of the house and see how it all sat. And just a little dream, – Julia shared the idea.

Andrei Konchalovsky and Julia Vysotskaya

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