Julianne Hough talked about freezing her eggs: “My husband and I never tried to be parents”



Julianne Hough

31-year-old American dancer, choreographer and actress Julianne Hough and her husband, hockey player Brooks Like, 36, have isolated themselves not only from each other, but also from each other: she is in California and he is in Idaho . In the June issue of Women’s Health magazine, on the cover of which Julianne appeared, she talked about their family life and her worldview.

Hough loves esotericism and leads master dance classes, during which he teaches “working with energy fields”. Earlier, the network discussed her participation in the World Economic Forum in Davos, where during one of the events, Julianne was lying face down on the table, while John Amaral (a practicing energy engineer, whom she considers his professor and whose state of mind supports) tried to raise an invisible wave. on her back, causing her to twist and moan. In an interview, she said that he would have extracted the stuck energy from his spine.

Julianne Hough I believe it is important that people connect with their inner selves … The healthier I am from the inside, in my beliefs, my energy, my body, the better I will prepare (for motherhood – Note.ed.) When the time comes, she said in an interview.

Speaking of the importance of listening to yourself and your nature, Julianne Hough relies on reproductive techniques for whatever reason on the issue of motherhood – she admitted that she had frozen her eggs. In fact, my husband and I never tried to be parents. It is our precaution for the future, ”she said.

Julianne said she decided to take this step in part because of her endometriosis, which she is trying to get rid of by working with her energy, although the professional medical community does not share her opinion on solving the problem. I think the stress, shame, guilt and the suppression of female energy associated with endometriosis, she said in an interview.

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