Kate Middleton is furious at the increase in her functions after the resignation of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: “She is exhausted”



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Kate Middleton, 38, and Meghan Markle are now far apart, but the information war between them continues. An insider press regularly appears from either side. Tatler magazine published the opinion of royal family sources who are convinced that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex acted in an extremely selfish manner, abandoning the duties of senior family representatives.

According to an anonymous source, the Duchess of Cambridge now feels “exhausted and trapped”, since Megan and Harry have left an additional burden on her and Prince William. The list of official duties of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge has grown, which is why they could not give their children the attention they would like to give.

Kate Middleton and Prince William William and Catherine really wanted to be great practitioners as parents. And Sussex actually forced them to abandon their children, “said a source in the entourage of Prince William and Duchess Catherine to Tatler magazine.

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An insider called Megan and Harry selfish and suggested that their resignation would greatly affect the life of the Cambridge family.

Kate is furious because of the increased workload. Of course, she smiles, but doesn’t want to. She always works with total dedication, as the main responsible person who must be constantly in sight and cannot afford an extra day off, “said one of the unnamed friends of Duchess Kate, the magazine.

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Other informants remember how her relationship with Meghan Markle started to deteriorate in 2018. According to an insider, Kate tried to convince her not to withdraw from the royal protocol during a marriage with Prince Harry in May. Probably, a dispute has broken out between Kate and Megan over whether the bridesmaids should wear tights or not. Kate believed that they could not be abandoned, because it was necessary to follow the protocol. And Megan didn’t want to, ”said an anonymous informer.

The disagreement between the wives of the princes, it seems, was much. Earlier, the press reported that the Duchess of Cambridge had made a comment to Meghan Markle because of her allegedly arrogant treatment of staff at Kensington Palace.

Describing the character of Prince William’s wife, insiders say Kate has traits that help her survive in the royal family: she has impeccable manners and is waterproof. According to those around her, she takes an example from Queen Elizabeth II and realizes the grandeur of her future position – being the wife of the king.

Kensington Palace reacted to the publication in Tatler – representatives of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge said the article contained a number of inaccuracies and distortions.

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