Khabib Nurmagomedov spoke to Dagestani people about the coronavirus pandemic: “We have a very difficult situation”



Khabib Nurmagomedov

Official statistics show an increase in the number of coronaviruses infected with Dagestan. The most important Islamic holiday is approaching – Uraza Bairam, which Muslims all celebrate together, welcoming guests into their homes. To warn his compatriots of the risk of infection by COVID-19, Khabib Nurmagomedov, 31, turned to Dagestanis. The Russian mixed martial artist urged everyone to follow the advice of doctors and stay at home. I would like to appeal to other Dagestani people about the latest events. We have a very difficult situation in Dagestan, very deplorable. Hospitals are crowded, many people have fallen ill, many have died. And now, more than ever, we must unite, demonstrate character and discipline. It is only by uniting that this virus can be defeated. We must listen to our doctors, their needs, because they know better. They want us not to get sick, so that the hospitals do not fill up, because there is already no room. There is still not enough equipment, not enough medicine. Not only us – Dagestan and Russia, the whole world was not ready for this, “he said on Instagram.

Khabib Nurmagomedov

Previous media reported that father of UFC champion is in hospital: at first doctors tried to help man in his native Dagestan, but soon a decision was made to transfer him to Moscow .

Father is in the hospital. His condition is very serious. In the context of this virus, he gave (complications. – N.D.E.) To the heart, since he underwent cardiac surgery a year ago. An operation has been started for him now, “Khabib said of his father in his speech to the Dagestanese.

Nurmagomedov paid particular attention to the upcoming vacation. Please respect the requirements of the doctors. In a few days, we will have Uraza-Bayram. During these holidays, we are used to making a visit, receiving guests, saying a holiday prayer. Please don’t go. Islamic scholars tell us to pray at home. Do not go on a visit and do not accept yourself, ”he added.

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