Kholodnitsky says prosecutor’s claims have become “unexpected” to him



Kholodnitsky says prosecutor’s claims have become “unexpected” to him

05/28.2020 20:27


The head of the specialized anti-corruption prosecution, Nazar Kholodnitsky, said that during a meeting on May 19, Prosecutor General Irina Venediktova did not express complaints about his work.

He said so in an interview with the newspaper “New time”.

“There were absolutely no complaints. On Monday, I gave an interview to another publication in which our relations were called workers. We have no personal conflicts,” said Kholodnitsky.

According to him, on May 19, he discussed with Venediktova “the question of work on the jurisdiction of certain criminal proceedings, quarantine restrictions”.

Kholodnitsky admitted that Venediktova’s video message criticizing SAP was a surprise to him.

“I think I am not the first or the last to whom such stories become” unexpected “. I remember the words of Ryaboshapka (former attorney general – editor’s note), for whom it was also a surprise to accuse Venediktova selling business. And then there was Trepak (ex-deputy) Attorney General Viktor Trepak – Editor’s note, who came to work at the GPU office on Monday and discovered that the division of labor has changed, “said the head of the EPS.

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As noted, on May 26, Attorney General Irina Venediktova posted a video message in which she announced the inactivity of the SAP and stressed that it required an immediate response.

According to the Attorney General, the study of the state of the organization of the investigation into the criminal procedures reveals numerous violations and poor performance of the official functions by the direction and the prosecutors of the EPS.

In response, the prosecutors published an open letter in which they noted that the public prosecutor did not have the right to give instructions to the EPS prosecutors and also denied the statements of the public prosecutor concerning the procedural shortcomings EPS prosecutors in a number of procedures.

On May 27, Venediktova called on SAP prosecutors to give examples of judicial convictions to corrupt officials in 2019-20.

At the same time, the SAP declared that the political elites have launched processes to reallocate their activities to specific objectives.

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