Kiev acquires 400 cameras to identify people with temperature


Thermal imaging cameras will be installed in the capital to monitor quarantine

Kiev acquired 400 cameras to identify people with temperature: how and when the system would work. Photo: dahua

The Kiev City State Administration acquired 400 video cameras with the task of measuring temperature and facial recognition for the residents of the capital. Devices for which 65 million UAH were paid will be used to identify potential carriers of coronovirus. Remember that one of the signs is an increase in temperature.

On April 25, 2020, the equipment, which is the Hikvision DS-2TD1217B-6 / PA IP dome camera, will be installed on city streets. Cameras can measure body temperature at an altitude from 30 ° C to 45 ° C with an accuracy of up to 0.5 ° C, in case of a high temperature detection, an audio alarm is set on.

The camera supposes the thermal image on the optical image, and also recognizes the face. To measure temperature, you need to be in the camera’s coverage area for 1 second, it is capable of working with multiple people at the same time, while the AI ​​involved eliminates alternative heat sources.

The purchased cameras will be connected to a “Safe Capital” video surveillance system operated in Kiev, they will not only measure the temperature in real time, but transfer the collected data to the system’s servers for processing and storage.

The innovation will allow you to quickly identify body temperature in supermarkets, pharmacies and other crowded places. In addition, law enforcement officers to locate individuals would be allowed to record violations of the self-segregation regime by citizens who are required to comply with it.

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Recall, the company Estimot adapted its products to develop a new device, developing Bluetooth-technology to determine location. It is specifically designed to contain the proliferation of COVID-19.

The company has created a new series of portable beacons that, according to co-founder Steve Cheney, can increase security at the workplace for those who need to be in the office.

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