Kiev Airport announces mass layoffs in an effort to avoid bankruptcy


In total, two enterprises employ approximately 2 thousand people at the airport, another 8000 employees – in related enterprises

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The management of the Kyiv International Airport has been forced to cut half of its workforce to save the company from bankruptcy. It has been reported On page Facebook Enterprise.

The report said that against the backdrop of the deep crisis in which the aviation industry found itself due to the coronovirus epidemic, Kiev International Airport is starting to lay off its workforce. Tension in the situation was heightened by the lack of any response and assistance from the government, concerned ministry and Kyiv authorities.

In total, about 2 thousand people work at the airport in the two ventures of KP MA Kiev and LLC Master-AVIA. In related enterprises cooperating with the airport, 8,000 other employees.

Kiev Airport is the second largest passenger airport in Ukraine, serving around 3 million passengers and 30,000 flights a year. It is the second according to the number of budget cuts in Kiev, the taxpayer among the city’s municipal enterprises. The bankruptcy of Kiev Airport will have disastrous consequences for the international image, Ukraine’s aviation industry, economy and labor market as a whole, the company said.

International Airport “Kiev”

At the moment, each unit of the airport “Kiev” decides which employees to sack and how to optimize the work of the enterprise.

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