Kiev has sent us documents – Nikonorova announced receipt of the advantage “DPR”



“Minister of Foreign Affairs of the DPR” Natalia Nikonorova announced the success of negotiations with Kiev. She spoke of obtaining a written position from the legitimate authorities of Ukraine on the special status of Donbas. She believes that it is now possible to start substantive discussions on “people’s republics”.

Natalya Nikonorova
Natalya Nikonorova. Stock Photo –

This was reported by a number of separatist media, reports “MFN”.

“We have positively accepted the fact that Kiev has for the first time decided to send us documents concerning the legal aspect of the special status of Donbas. Now that we have clear written positions on both sides, we can finally start a substantive dialogue, ”said Nikonorova.

At the same time, the so-called “Minister of DPR” admitted that many questions remained unanswered. The “DPR” believes that the Kiev authorities intend to pursue a policy of ignoring the proposals of the “DPR” and the “LPR”.

“The Ukrainian side continues to ignore us by all means. They systematically refuse to register the special status of Donbas in the Constitution, ”said Nikonorova.

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