Kiev mayor election: Klitschko does not want to join European solidarity



Vitali Klitschko reacted to a statement by Poroshenko’s associates about the mayor’s candidacy for his party.

Vitaliy Klichko
Vitaliy Klichko. Photo –

It is reported by the “NPF” referring to Facebook Vitali Klitschko.

In “European Solidarity”, Klitschko suggested running for the post of mayor of Kiev with their political forces. Admittedly, the current head of the capital replied that he wished to participate in the elections with his party:

“I learned from the media that the EuroSolidarity party is ready to put me forward as a candidate for mayor of Kiev. I am grateful for such an offer, but … I have been at the head of the UDAR party for many years and I will go to the polls with my political strength.

At the same time, noted the politician, he is ready to cooperate with other parties fighting for a democratic future.

Recall that we previously reported that Klitschko in the municipal elections in Kiev is ready to support more than 40% of Kiev.



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