Kikabidze: If a chariot with a flag comes to you, then in this country you should not sing



The well-known and beloved Soviet and Georgian singer Vakhtang Kikabidze expressed his opinion on the aggression of Russia against Ukraine.

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Vakhtang Kikabidze.
Vakhtang Kikabidze shared his opinion on Putin’s aggressive policy. Photo:

The singer shared his comments in an interview with Dmitry Gordon (the video can be viewed at the end of the page).

Vakhtang Kikabidze said that the Russian people should not be blamed for the crimes of Putin.

According to him, politics and people are two different things. The singer said that he received many letters from different cities of the Russian Federation, in which they invited him to apologize: “It’s Putin, it’s not us”.

“But, you can’t sing for these people who want to beat you, I mean – politicians. If a chariot with a flag comes to you, then you shouldn’t go to this country to sing and have fun”, – said the artist.

Kikabidze described Russia’s policy towards Ukraine as false.

In his opinion, Putin’s rating will continue to drop. His aggressive policy towards the once fraternal people of Ukraine will bring no benefit to Russia itself.

“You are a fairly large country and you cannot speak like that. With us you can – we have nowhere to go, but it’s a huge sin. Since 2008, I haven’t been to any city in Russia ”, – said Kikabidze.

Finally, the singer expressed his confidence that the story will put everything in its place.

Interview Vakhtang Kikabidze Dmitry Gordon.

Earlier, it was reported that Putin had shocked the Russians with his new statement.



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