Kim Jong-un’s reliable health: Trump received confirmed information



The American leader has received specific medical information about Kim Jong-un. Speaking at the White House, Trump demonstrated the ambiguity of the situation. He gave a confident but unusual response to the state of health of the North Korean leader.

Kim Jong-un and Trump
Kim Jong-un and Trump Photo –

It is reported by “MK“, Reports” MFN “.

Trump noted that he knew the state of Kim Jong-un, but even the U.S. leader cannot yet release this information. It should be noted that Trump was optimistic. This inspires hope that Kim Jong-un is alive. Earlier, Trump said he was worried about his health, and he and Kim Jong-un were on good terms.

“I can’t tell you everything now. I wish Kim Jong-un all the best. Reliable sources have told me how he feels, and soon the whole world will know too, maybe from my lips, “said Trump.

As a reminder, as previously mentioned, Poland has given a powerful response to the Russian Federation: the assets of Nord Stream 2 can be arrested.

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