Kiyosaki talks about American bankruptcy and saving money


The United States almost went bankrupt due to the end of traditional cash flow

Kiyosaki warns of US bankruptcy and explains how to save his money

Robert Kiyosaki, author of the bestselling book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, said that printing “fake” dollars would not help the US economy survive the crisis, and advised investing in precious metals and cryptocurrencies.

The expert believes that New York has indeed gone bankrupt, and with it the United States, due to the traditional cash flow momentum stalling.

New York is going bankrupt. All cities are dependent on income tax, sale of goods and tax on real estate. Add to this retirement contributions for teachers, firefighters and police. The whole of America went bankrupt. Printing fake Fed dollars will not save you. Protect yourself by buying gold, silver and bitcoin, ”Kiyosaki warned.

Kiyosaki has already increased investment in gold, silver and bitcoin, following the intent of US officials to fulfill the intention of US authorities to save pension plans. It is the bill passed so far by representatives of the US House on a new stimulus package for the economy.

The author also predicted that the price of bitcoin would increase to $ 75,000 in three years. Kiyosaki also called the US Federal Reserve incompetent and said it was killing the country’s economy.

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