Klimkin explained why Ukraine could not return the Donbass: recognition of the former foreign minister



Former Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin voiced his opinion on why the Donbass was not returned. According to him, the pressure on the Russian Federation was not enough. It also examines the reason for the economic collapse and the interest of the Russian Federation.

Pavel Klimkin
Pavel Klimkin. Photo – PMG.UA

This information was reported by “Gordon“, Reports” NPF “.

“Vladimir Zelensky and his team should put pressure on the Russian Federation. Vladimir Putin would see the serious intentions of Ukraine. Zelensky could at the top of Paris increase our presence in the group. It would already create the right pressure. But that hasn’t been done, ”said Klimkin at the start.

After that, the former foreign minister said that the government needed to take several additional steps to reintegrate. According to him, the first concerns the fear that with the current collapse of the economy and new reintegration measures, the situation will be brought to a collapse of state security.

“The second step is the interest of individuals in the Russian Federation. They derive their benefits from the black economy, which has long operated in the Donbass. There is always a struggle for economic resources. If coal and metals can be exported, it will also create obstacles for the Russian Federation, ”he said.

So Klimkin answered the question of why Ukraine had still not returned the Donbass. Obviously, he said, this was due to a lack of interest in the government.

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