Klitschko pointed out when the capital’s shopping centers and hotels


Malls will operate without recreation areas

Klitschko said that when the capital’s malls and hotels would start functioning. Photo: Retailers

Shopping and entertainment centers and hotels will open in the capital later this week. It was announced by the Mayor of Kiev Vitaly Klitschko. Also, on May 30, you will be able to start work and hotels. Except hostels.

“I want to inform you that today the city’s emergency commission has decided to open a shopping and recreation center in the capital (without any entertainment work). The shopping center in Kiev – in compliance with sanitary norms and regulations – May 30, Will be opened from Saturday, ”said Vitaly Klitschko.

In addition, the mayor said there are clear requirements for hotels that they must comply with: temperature checks of employees and guests, facades outside rooms. Visitors are allowed to stay in the lobby at the same time, with no 10 square meters of floor space per person.

In the hotels so far, restaurants will only be able to operate for takeaway and maintenance. A decision on further expansion of restaurant and café work opportunities in the capital will be decided separately by the Emergency Commission.

The reference PAYSPACE magazine

Recall, Ukraine is moving towards an adaptive quarantine model. At the same time, the government is weakening nationwide restrictive measures, but they will only work in areas where the epidemic is allowed.

Decisions to reduce or strengthen quarantine in areas will be made by the Regional Commissions on Technical and Environmental Safety and Emergency Situations, subject to adherence to three goals. At the time of national quarantine, which is renewed in the new regime by 22 June, citizens must wear masks, maintain social distance, disinfect regularly and carry identification cards with them.

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