Knyazhitsky responded to the decision of the National Council on the verification of the Espresso chain



Knyazhitsky responded to the decision of the National Council to check the channel

Knyazhitsky responded to the decision of the National Council on the verification of the Espresso chain

05.21.2020 20:46


The journalist, MP, member of the Commission for humanitarian and information policies of the Verkhovna Rada, Nikolay Knyazhitsky, responded to the decision of the National Council of television and radio to schedule an unannounced inspection on the field of the channel Espresso television.

Knyazhitsky wrote about it on Facebook.

“The National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council considers the broadcasting by the Espresso TV channel of several Radio Liberty and BBC programs as a violation! Distribution is carried out in accordance with the agreements and in full compliance with national legislation. It is true, they ban not the product of the aggressor, but the Maidan channel, Radio Liberty and the BBC !!! Apparently, in honor of Vyshivanka Day, “said Knyazhitsky.

During a meeting of the National Council on Thursday, it was noted that the chain had sent them a letter on the change of concept, but had hastened to change it even before the regulator made the appropriate decision.

“They asked for a change of concept. We examined it in accordance with the procedure, without violating a single deadline, and during a personal conversation with the management (TV channel – editor’s note), I discovered that they understood that they were in a hurry to change the concept, without waiting for the decision of the National Council. Therefore, we have to check different circumstances – with all due respect, but we have to do it. We have no prejudice or persecution here at this time. It is really a fact, we must investigate, ”said, in particular, during the discussion on the issue, the President of the National Council Olga Gerasimyuk.

As noted by the Executive Secretary of the National Council, Yuri Zinevich, “according to the monitoring results of GOLDBERRY LLC, Kiev, the broadcast of programs / programs of foreign manufacture totaling 1 hour 11 minutes was recorded on 05/11 / 2020. per day (or 4.93% of total broadcast volume) in the intervals of 09:09 to 00:38 (with a repeat of 7:35 to 8:04) of Radio Liberty, which is an independent media company funded by the United States Congress and from 9:00 p.m. to 9:14 p.m. – “BBC NEWS Ukraine”, which is a division of the international radio station BBC World Servis, which is a sign of a violation by the licensee of the requirements of the Ukrainian law on television and broadcasting, in particular part 7 of article 27 and part 8 of article 28 or paragraph “a” of the first part of article 59. “

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As reported by the regulator’s press service, the National Television and Broadcasting Council at a meeting on May 21 appointed an unannounced on-site inspection of GOLDBERRY LLC (ESPRESSO logo), Kiev, in compared with the registered signs of violation of the conditions of license “, because the license holder reduced the minimum share of the national audio-visual product, which must be at least 24 hours per day (100%) under license.”

They want to test due to the broadcast of foreign production programs / programs (i.e., Radio Liberty and BBC NEWS Ukraine), which, according to the National Council, is a violation of the channel’s program concept.

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