Kolomoisky wants to appeal to the ECHR on the “banking” law and hopes for Portnova



Kolomoisky wants to appeal to the ECHR on

Kolomoisky wants to appeal to the ECHR on the “banking” law and hopes for Portnova

02/05/2020 23:10


After the adoption of the “banking” bill, the former owner of the Privatbank Igor Kolomoisky plans to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights and to cooperate on this matter with the head of the PA of the Yanukovich era Andrey Portnov.

This Kolomoisky said in a hromadske comment.

“When they pass the law, I will already make a request. We discussed it casually. Why to him (Portnov – ed.)? He has a lot of experience since 2014, he defended himself … and he all won, “said the former owner of PrivatBank.

As indicated, according to the oligarch, the adoption of the “banking” law opens the door for him to the European Court of Human Rights.

“I was robbed, this law closes my opportunities for a while to sue in Ukraine. In other words, the possibilities of re-establishing justice have been exhausted, and I can turn to the European Court … I guess I will turn to it (Portnov – ed.) To serve us. And we will receive the verdict from the European Court that nationalization was illegal, everything must be returned. And now what? Will it be easier for Ukraine? Sooner or later it will be. And it turns out that the new government has become an accomplice of the past on this issue, “said Kolomoisky.

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As reported by Ukrinform, the Verkhovna Rada, at an extraordinary meeting on March 30, adopted at first reading a bill “amending certain legislative acts of Ukraine on the improvement of certain regulatory mechanisms banking ”(n ° 2571-d) and shortened the preparation time for its second reading.

The law, in particular, will make it impossible to overturn the NBU’s decision on the nationalization / liquidation of banks and will return unfair compensation from the state budget to their former owners.

During the preparation of Bill 2571-d for second reading, members of the House made over 16,000 amendments.

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On April 30, at a special meeting, the Verkhovna Rada approved the proposal to examine this bill under a special procedure.

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