Kouzmenko says she saw her son twice during his six-year prison stay



Kouzmenko says she saw her son twice during his six-year prison stay

Kouzmenko says she saw her son twice during his six-year prison stay

05.22.2020 22:07


Doctor and volunteer Yulia Kuzmenko, suspected of the murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet, saw her son twice during his six-month stay in the pre-trial detention center.

She talked about it in an interview with “”.

“I saw my child twice in almost six months. Through the window. One of these meetings was on his birthday,” said Kouzmenko.

According to her, she is very afraid that her son will lose faith in justice and trust in the police, because “it’s bad, especially for a teenager”.

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Kuzmenko also noted that she wanted to kiss her family and pet a dog – an English bulldog named Winston.

“The hardest thing in captivity (excluding the impossibility of being with family members) is idleness. I’m not used to it. It was difficult for me to work without a decree. It’s very difficult when you have insomnia. Sometimes it seems like my son is calling and I’m starting to worry for reasons, “said Kouzmenko.

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She noted that she does not consult patients or colleagues in the remand center.

“I take my profession very responsibly, and I even tried not to do consultations by phone when I don’t see a patient, tests, test results … There is a very big risk Being here, I couldn’t confirm my highest degree on the Vascular Surgery Commission. Now after I leave prison (when is it interesting, what will it be?) , I’m going to have to start all the steps from the start. It will certainly take at least a year, “said Kouzmenko.

Speaking of anti-epidemic measures in the pre-trial detention center, she noted that she had no major complaints.

“The temperature is measured, the guards are masked, the rooms are treated. But in the event of illness, there will be problems, because if I have a severe course, they will not transfer me. There is no ‘ventilation devices and doctors here,’ said Kouzmenko.

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As indicated, Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov announced on December 12, 2019 the detention and the suspicion of the accused in the case of the murder of Sheremet.

In particular, the investigation suspects the doctor and volunteer Yulia Kuzmenko, the nurse of one of the paratrooper battalions Yan Dugar and the ATO veteran Andrei Antonenko.

Kuzmenko and Antonenko are now in prison. Dugar was elected as a preventive measure in the form of a night arrest.

Journalist Pavel Sheremet died on July 20, 2016 in Kiev following a car explosion.

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