Krasnoperov revealed if Maidan was preparing against Zelensky: expertise



Ukrainians viewed the year of Zelensky’s presidency differently. However, not everyone agrees, so even now you can see small riots against the current government. However, the question of whether the real Maidan will take place against Zelensky is a question that depends on many factors.

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This opinion was expressed by political expert Valentin Krasnoperov, reports “MFN” with reference to the analytical portal “Word and act“.

“Vladimir Zelensky is a relatively new politician. It is likely that Ukraine will not be able to reassure the war, but a large number of accusations are manipulation. Of course, one can always say that the cause of the war is Russia. However, in order to maintain the score, Zelensky will have to move away from this view due to his passivity. Only one thing is clear: he is not the enemy of Ukraine, ”said Krasnoperov at the very beginning.

After that, the expert said that the mood of the protest in Ukraine depends on several factors. According to him, judging by one of them is an extremely biased approach to solving internal political problems.

“The first factor is the president’s ability to solve the problems related to the war in the Donbass. The second factor is the strength of the Yanukovych lobby in Ukraine. The third factor is the economic plan, “he said.

The expert did not rule out that if Zelensky fell in these three directions, people would take to the streets and rebel. It is interesting that people gathered on the Maidan not so long ago, but it did not end in full rebellion.

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