Kremenchug resident fined 51 hryvnia for comparing Zelensky to French writer



As early as March 6, a resident of Kremenchug organized a single picket to attract the attention of the president, who was due to go to the KVSZ on that working day. And he decided to attract attention with a poster with the inscription “ZE GAN DON.”

Unique stake in Kremenchug
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It is reported by the “NPF” referring to “Kremenchug Telegraph“.

The Kremenchug Kryukovsky District Court convicted a local resident, accused of petty hooliganism.
As we learned, on March 6, a man organized a single picket near the Kryukovsky car manufacturing plant. He came to the post with a poster, where the inscription “ZE GAN DON” was displayed. Certainly, according to the man, it was not an insult to the president, but his comparison with the famous French science fiction writer Yves Gandon.

In a single picket, law enforcement officials drew attention to the man, who wrote a protocol on him, viewing the words on the poster as an insult.

At the hearing today, the man did not plead guilty. He also insisted that the poster was only a comparison of Vladimir Zelensky with a writer. And he was not going to offend anyone.

But the court always found him guilty and fined 51 hryvnias.

Recall that we wrote earlier that MPs were increasing the fines for setting fire to the dry grass.

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