Kremlin “lit up” Putin’s underground bunker: it became clear where the Russian president would hide in an emergency



On social media, they are actively discussing a photo of Putin, who is holding a conference call in a special room.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

Vladimir Putin was hidden from the coronavirus in an underground bunker. Photo:

In the photo, Vladimir Putin, seated at the table, is having a meeting on video communications. There are no windows or doors in the room. Users immediately assumed that the president was in a special bunker, where he was evacuated as part of the coronavirus epidemic. In addition, as they believe, the evacuation was carried out in a hurry. This is indicated by an interesting detail in the photo, namely hastily connected by cables of adhesive tape attached to the ground.

“The fact that the bunker is underground clearly alludes to artificial lighting and the lack of windows. The fact that the evacuation of the national leader was carried out in a hellish rush is clearly visible even on the official photos of the Kremlin. The teleconference configuration is assembled from the pine forest and prepared. They even stupidly glued the cable to the ground with adhesive tape. “ – user rating.

Later, according to reports from news agencies, it became known that the coronavirus was discovered by a doctor who made an excursion to Putin in a Moscow hospital with patients with COVID-19.

Earlier, the real Putin was reported with a trembling hand.

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