Kremlin reacts strongly to Kiev’s “B” plan in Donbas



According to Russian Senator Aleksey Pushkov, L / DPR leaders have a strong opinion that Ukraine, in fact, does not want peace, but seeks to freeze the conflict in the Donbass.

This is reported by the NPF, referring to

Alexey Pushkov.
Kiev’s “B” plan excited the Kremlin and L / DPR leaders. Photo:

Pushkov explains this by plan “B” declared by Ukraine in connection with the Donbass and believes that this plan means nothing more than a continuation of the war.

“This is a plan for the final loss of Donbass – or rather,” – said Pushkov.

The funny thing is that Ukraine, having declared plan “B” by the mouth of Yermak, did not say a word about its details. It simply stated that it continues to do everything to end the war, and if the Minsk agreements prove ineffective, a different strategy will be applied.

At the same time, in Donetsk, they proposed new requirements for negotiation.

The Ukrainian side replied that negotiations can only be conducted with those who have not stained blood and do not have a Russian passport.

An extremely unpleasant surprise for Putin has already been reported.

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