Kremlin Shur prisoner suspects precious father’s collection taken to Russian Federation



Kremlin Shur prisoner suspects precious father's collection taken to Russian Federation

Kremlin Shur prisoner suspects precious father’s collection taken to Russian Federation

05/25.2020 22:07


Ukrainian political prisoner Viktor Shur, who is being held in the Russian Federation, has reported on the situation regarding the disappearance of his father’s precious collection from Ukraine, in particular, he suspects that the collection could have been brought to Russia.

Viktor Shur wrote about this in a letter to Ukrainian activist in Latvia Tatiana Lazda, who provided a copy of Ukrinform.

Shur claims that their family’s home has been ransacked and accuses this Moscow niece and her husband, as well as her brother and ex-wife. In this case, probably part of the precious collection (icons, paintings, antiques) was exported to Moscow. According to the political prisoner, the video camera recorded how things were loaded on a Subaru with Moscow numbers from the house, which he and his father owned as common property.

As part of this story, Shura’s daughter hired a lawyer. The most political prisoner received a letter from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine stating that he was still “settling” this matter. However, according to Shur, since September 2019, there has been no progress in the case, although, according to him, all the necessary data have been provided on who “did it”.

A letter from Shur was sent on April 30, so to date some information may become irrelevant.

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As reported by Ukrinform, Viktor Shur has already written from a conclusion on criminal stories around his family and his father’s collection. According to him, his father was registered in a psychiatric clinic and before his death “gave the land and the house to a stranger”, so such a gift seemed rather strange. His father’s collection was precious; he showed it to many famous people, including Yulia Tymoshenko and Viktor Yushchenko. Now the whole meeting is gone from my house.

In the second half of 2019, Shur wrote letters to the President of Ukraine, as well as to the Embassy of Ukraine in the Russian Federation, that during his detention, “his property was stolen”. And after his return, he will have “neither a dwelling house nor any property that he will have recovered with his father”.

Victor Shur is a jeweler, the son of a famous Ukrainian collector of rare icons. According to LetMyPeopleGo, after the collapse of the USSR, Shur acquired Russian nationality based on the interests of his business. However, he had a residence permit in Ukraine and he lived constantly in Chernigov, where his family now lives.

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Remember that Viktor Shur was arrested in late 2014 by the FSB of the Russian Federation. In 2015, the Bryansk Regional Court sentenced him to 12 years in a maximum security colony for “treason in the form of espionage”. The Memorial Human Rights Center recognized Shur as a political prisoner.

In 2016 Viktor Shur obtained Ukrainian citizenship.

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