Ksenia Sobchak commented on the accident involving Mikhail Efremov: “It is not about Efremov. It is about us”



Ksenia Sobchak

One of the most discussed topics today was a car accident caused by Mikhail Efremov in central Moscow last night. Remember, the 56-year-old actor drove his on a jeep in the oncoming lane and collided with a van. The driver of this car, Ryazan resident Sergey Zakharov, 57, was injured several times and later died in hospital.

While the journalists are on duty at the police station, where Efremov was taken for interrogation, Ksenia Sobchak decided to comment on the situation. The journalist published a post on Instagram in which she expressed her position.

Ksenia Sobchak

I send rays of support to Mikhail Efremov, I have always gladly accepted his invitation to participate in # Citizen Poet and I have appreciated him as an actor and brilliant person. There is no excuse for Misha Efremov’s act, and I think he is now above the rubble of his life and doesn’t understand how he could ruin his life,

– wrote Sobchak.

Public outrage was caused by the fact that Efremov was driving drunk – already in the video of the scene, it was noted that the actor barely spoke and moved tottering. Later, the examination revealed a blood alcohol content equivalent to three bottles of wine or one bottle of vodka.

Mikhail Efremov

Alcoholism is bad. Many of my loved ones have lost their identity and their talent in this disease. But the point is not Efremov. It’s about us. In an absolutely hypocritical society which does not sincerely see its own hypocrisy,

– continued its call to Ksenia subscribers.

Sobchak drew a parallel between the Efremov case and another resounding event in recent days – the murder of the African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis. In his article, Sobchak added an infographic listing Floyd’s convictions.

A week ago, all these people with “beautiful faces” displayed black squares of kindness together in honor of the armed robber, and today these same people “condemn him terribly”, Efremov. And that, I repeat, does not mean that we have to justify it. There is no justification for this act, if a person cannot control the addiction, then he can cope not to drive. It just means that the basic need of these people is to judge. And also “defend” or “attack” depending on the views. If you are a “liberal regional committee”, then you defend Misha, since he is “ours”, and if there had been a “United Russia” official in his place, the stench on Facebook would have been terrible. And it’s also hypocrisy and double standards. And it is the endless “weaving of patterns”: here I will support Floyd, here I will condemn Efremov, or vice versa: here I will support Efremov, but tomorrow, if the drunk of the united Russia will kill someone, I will be terrible to condemn him and the entire “bloody regime”. All this “spindle” – it is double norm and hypocrisy, because the main thing is: “ours” or “not ours”? For the “whites”? Or for the reds? And that’s what I hate

– Sobchak expressed rigidly.

In the comments, a discussion was to take place: someone agreed with Ksenia’s opinion, but someone had directly pointed out to him the inadmissibility of such statements.

I completely agree with you! The people you love are easier to understand and forgive, and it is very difficult to take their actions impartially! I’m sorry for the loved ones of the deceased, but with all my heart, I worry about Michael and I want everything to work as well as possible for him,

– wrote Evgenia Linovich.

Ksyusha, all you wrote here is hellish garbage,

– Mikhail Zygar argued with Sobchak.

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