Kuchma tried to raise the issue of Crimea at the TKG meeting – Reznikov



But, according to the minister, all the attempts of the second president to stipulate the occupation of the peninsula were perceived negatively by the other party.

Leonid Kuchma
Leonid Kuchma. Stock Photo –

The Deputy Prime Minister for the reintegration of the temporarily occupied territories said in an interview:News from Donbass“,” MFN Reports “.

According to Alexei Reznikov, during the TKG negotiations in Minsk, the representative of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma tried more than once to discuss the question of Crimea:

“I know for sure that the second president has tried several times to talk about Crimea … But the second party reacts very strongly to this, insofar as it threatens to leave the negotiations. A tradition has developed according to which the question of the return of Crimea is not discussed within the TKG. “

Recall that we wrote earlier that the Ministry of Integration announced the creation of a platform for negotiations on Crimea.



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